so this is my first follow forever bc you guys are great and if you’re on this ily and i’m certain i’ve forgotten someone(s) so i’m really really sorry if i have and i still love you. ur all flawless ok

i need to give olivia a special mention because she is fab and amazing and just everything really. ilysm olivia you’re really gr8 and you’re my best friend here and you’re perfect. also ty for the beautiful graphic

these guys are some of my friends and the ppl i talk to most;

allie, cheezy, marva, tam, tasha, trina

everyone else (some i admire from afar and others i need to talk to more often);

{abc} - abernathie, anniedair, aryastarking, avoxia, avoxic,  capitole, capitolsavox, ceceliawoof, charlottesbranwell, cinnasownmockingjay

{def} - evrdeens, fourtrisings

{ghi} - gendrya, harrykstyles, hawthorwn, hazelrace, hazelwatrs, hijacked-peeta, imdraco

{jkl} - katviss, lighttwood, lovehgood, lyannastarks

{mno} - maysille, merlinyouidiot, misteriddle, mockingflame, odairable, ohdear-prongs, onediedforlostlove, our-path-is-full-of-books

{pqr} - president-snow, quidditchick, roseleslie

{stu} - sassygaydestiel, sourpatchwatermelon, thehorntail

{v-z} - viktorkrums, vitkorkrum, williamhherondale, williamowenherondales

and everyone else on my blogroll is perfect really